Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23 (via savedandnotashamed)

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basically all my sentences start with one of these

  • ok so
  • basically
  • omg
  • no but seriously
  • actually
  • ok
  • wow
  • ok wow (or wow ok)
  • wait
  • but wait
  • no wait
  • wait what
  • guys
  • i mean
  • oh wow
  • so like
  • um yeah so
  • pls
  • tbh

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God’s silence is a sign that He has confidence in you.

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Then, they break the promise and you die of disappointment.
I’m nervous.

I have therapy tomorrow,
I find out what’s wrong with me, tomorrow. I think anyways.

But I am so nervous. I was fine all day, happy.

But I got home, and my mom walked in & was all ” tomorrow before your therapy we’ll go get coffee. “

You called me psychotic.

& I wouldn’t admit it to you, but it stuck with me.

& killed me, now i get to find out that i really am {:

i feel like i would much rather avoid this whole thing and keep living sad,

but i want to be better .. so much.. so i will.

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